Here you will find some useful information and links to ensure you have everything in place before you start to learn to drive.

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Applying for your first Provisional Licence

You can apply for your licence while you are 16, but it will only be valid from the start date printed on your new licence which is normally your 17th Birthday. Once you have your Provisional Licence, you are ready for your driving lessons.

You will get a card only license, keep this safe as you will need it to take your Theory and Practical tests.

If you are an older new driver and you have the old two part license (plastic and paper) you must take photo ID for both your Theory and Practical tests, i.e Passport. click this link for help


Booking your Theory or Practical Test online  

To make a booking for either your Theory Test or your Practical Test online please click this link

Learner Temporary Insurance  

If you need temporary insurance for driving in between lessons on any car - click this link

Changing your address on your Driving Licence

Making changes to your address on your Licence is simple and should not be avoided if you move house. Neglecting to do this is an offence for which you can be fined.   click this link for help


Exchange your old Paper Licence for a Photo Licence

You can take your Theory and Practical tests with an old fashioned paper licence, but you must take your Passport or Valid Photo ID along with your paper licence or click below if you would like to exchange your old license for the new card only license. This can take 2-3 weeks.   

click this link for help

Renewing your Licence if you are aged 70 or over

If you are aged 70 or over you will need to renew your Driving Licence and then again every three years. click this link for help

Replacement Licence

If you have lost all or part of your licence remember you must contact the DVLA click this link for help

If you have paper and plastic card licence

You must take both parts to Theory and Practical tests. If you do not neither test can be conducted click this link for help

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