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This is for those who have never driven before or who have had driving lessons before, but maybe have lapsed in their training and now want to get on with it.

Over your course of your lessons, you will be taken through all the modules you will need for Passing Your Test and more importantly – the training will also make you a confident and safe driver – FOR LIFE!

To make lessons more economic – you should buy multiple hours – this saves you money, but you can pay as you go if you wish.

If you just want to buy 2-hour TRIAL LESSON phone to get a discount.

So what’s stopping you? Get your first lesson booked now!

New Learner Courses Mature Learner Courses

Most of us think learning to drive is for the young! – NOT SO…

Many of us leave learning to drive until we are older and at A STAR DRIVER are here to help you.

So don’t leave it any longer – book a lesson now. So now what’s stopping you?

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive courses are usually done over a shorter period of time – 2 to 4 hours per day.

Remember all of our course are flexible.

You should have a Practical Test booked - preferably at least a month or two ahead.

You should have already passed your Theory Test before booking an intensive course.

You should have a reasonable driving ability before embarking on an intensive course.

Generally we would suggest that an assessment lesson is taken with us at least 2 - 4 weeks before an intensive course starts.

Pass Plus Driving Courses

PASS PLUS is a real bonus ~ if you have just passed your test!

This is a 6-hour course done in 2-hour modules.

Often you can do Pass Plus after you have got your insurance, your insurance company will often refund you on completion of Pass Plus. So it doesn't stop you insuring your car straight away.

The discounts are great, but being a BETTER AND SAFER DRIVER is even more important.

Here are a list of insurers who recognise Pass Plus to get your discount.

4 Counties Insurance, AA Insurance, Churchill Insurance, Adrian Flux Insurance Services, Aviva Insurance, CIS Insurance, Click4Gap, Direct Line, Endsliegh Car Insurance, I-Kube, Privilege, Provident, Quinn Direct Insurance Ltd, RAC Direct Insurance, Royal Sun Alliance, Swinton Car Insurance, Tesco Motor Insurance, Young Marmalade and Zurich Car Insurance.

Motorway Driving Courses

This a course is for the already Qualified Driver, for the newly qualified driver and for those still nervous of driving on motorways.

This is such a worthwhile course – most people don’t know how to drive on motorways correctly AND how we can protect ourselves from dangers of other drivers on the motorway!  No matter how long you have been driving – we never stop learning.

Refresher Driving Courses

These are lessons for those who are coming back to driving after a break,to get your confidence back or just to improve your driving ability.

If you have not driven for many years and have lost confidence, we are here to help you.


Is there something you want to improve in your driving?




• Or anything else you would like help on.

At A Star Driver Academy we can help you improve on any of these.

Call us on 07971 649359

(Please note - if we are teaching, please  leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as we can)

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To find out more about A Star Driver Academy and how we can help you successfully learn to drive, or improve your current driving skills, call us or get in touch using the enquiry form .